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The GSBA Scholarship Fund awards educational scholarships to undergraduate LGBTQ and Allied students who exhibit leadership potential, demonstrate strong academic abilities, and who are actively involved in school and community organizations. Our scholars represent a diverse group of students who have dreams of making our community and the world a better place; each of them possesses the skills, talents and dedication to make those dreams a reality.

GSBA realizes that today's students are tomorrow's leaders and is committed to supporting our community's future leaders by providing financial resources, role-models and hope to outstanding LGBTQA students.

In the 23 years of the GSBA Scholarship Fund, we have awarded over $1.8 million dollars to over 300 students. This year, 2013, we supported 44 scholars with $230,000 in educational scholarships.

Our History

The GSBA Scholarship Fund was started in 1990 by two teachers who realized there was a huge need to support students who, because of their sexual orientation, were often discriminated against in school, disowned by their families and shunned by their friends. These were students who had the ability and drive to be successful in college, but who did not have the money or support to go to college. The GSBA Scholarship Fund was created to help these disenfranchised young people reach their educational goals. Over the years, the GSBA Scholarship Fund has expanded its reach and its mission and now awards scholarships to LGBTQ and Allied students of any age.

In 1993, the Pride Foundation started its own Scholarship Fund and joined forces with GSBA. This collaboration enables students to complete one application to apply for scholarships from both organizations. Although we share an application, both organizations are independent in terms of fundraising, interviewing, and the actual granting of scholarship awards.

Apply for a GSBA Scholarship

We are looking for diverse individuals who have proven leadership skills, strong academic achievement and a commitment to making a positive difference in the world. All applicants will be evaluated on the totality of their experience, including academics, involvement in school and community activities, personal challenges, personal and professional goals, and their vision for the future.


The 2 eligibility requirements to apply for a GSBA Scholarship are:

  • You are currently a Washington State resident
  • You are pursuing a post secondary degree in the United States.


Our three main selection criteria are:

  • Leadership potential
  • Academic Strength/Special skills and talents
  • Diversity

You must apply online. Applications are available in late October, and must be submitted by January 15 at 5:00 PM PST. Apply online here.

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Download our 2012-2013 Scholarship Fund Annual Report and Yearbook (PDF)

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